Intuitive Readings

I am now offering intuitive tarot readings.  Please look through the readings I offer below and let me know which reading you are requesting.

All readings must be prepaid.  All fees are non-transferable, and non-refundable once the reading has been done.  Please understand I cannot provide refunds once the reading has been completed.

I generally do my Tarot readings for clients on Fridays and will email you an audio recording of the reading.

If you wish to book an Intuitive Tarot reading with me, please email me at and place READING REQUEST in the subject line.  I will send you a flyer with instructions. 

Audio recordings will be sent in an m4a format.  If you are not set up to receive and run m4a files, the audio file can be easily converted to an Mp3 by using any free online file conversion software.  (I have personally used to convert m4a files to Mp3 with great success.)

Important note:   The length of the audio recording may not reflect the actual time I spent on the reading.  Audio files for a half-hour reading can be anywhere from 10 minutes to much longer, it depends on whatever messages or insight there is to share. I record audio when there is something to say.  Because of this, the the size of the audio file may not reflect the amount of time receiving and conveying messages.  I typically spend about a half-hour to an hour or more on tarot readings.

Readings I offer:

Intuitive Reading / Life Situation   $75.00

I use this reading to look at a concern or situation you may be facing. This reading is great for situations where you have a tough decision to make or are at a crossroads in your life and need some insight or guidance.  My readings focus on the highest good possible, even if there are challenges indicated in the cards.  Clients tell me that the readings often validate much of their feelings, as well as give insight into situations that they had not considered.

Yearly Spread / Birthday Spread $75.00

A client favorite, what better way to celebrate your birthday than to get a yearly reading.  Yearly readings focus on each month of the coming year, letting you know what energies surround you and what you might expect over the course of a year.

Past Life Reading $175.00

This reading focuses on your past life, usually the one that is influencing you in this life.  This reading will look at who you were in a past life and how that influences you today, including what lessons you may have carried over from that life into the next.

This reading can help those who are having issues or struggles in this life that don’t seem to make sense. Sometimes we may not have answers despite looking as best we can.  This reading should be used by those who have issues that don’t seem to resolve with other methods despite best effort.

My recommendation is to do a regular reading first, but if issues persist, there may be a past-life connection influencing you.  If you believe that is the case, a past-life reading may be able to shed light on things.

Note: The Past-Life Reading should not be considered a substitute for having a Past-Life Regression.  If you uncover a past-life issue that is troubling you in this life, a regression with a qualified regression hypnotherapist may be helpful.

*Disclaimer: Intuitive Edge Tarot (LeAnne) has not studied medicine, and is not a financial adviser nor a hypnotherapist.  You may ask anything, but understand all information comes to and through the readings from an intuitive perspective.  I cannot be responsible for any action you may take as a result of intuitive readings.  Intuitive readings are not meant to take the place of professional medical, legal and/or financial advice.  The views and opinions revealed during readings may not necessarily be the views and opinions of Intuitive Edge Tarot (LeAnne). Thank you.

Thank you!