Reading Testimonials

“I’ve had more readings with LeAnne than I can count. If I’m taking a trip I consult her, health issues, family or work issues, I consult her. It helps me to know what’s coming my way, like delays, more tests, or rough patch for a while but will smooth out soon. My favorite is the yearly reading, which is a brief description for each month. Her accuracy is uncanny.”

~Chris R.  WA


“Our reading with LeAnne was wonderful and beyond our expectations. LeAnne has the gift of being able to see well beyond what the cards say for example, she saw a new baby in our future and as it happens we are expecting a new grandchild. LeAnne is clear and concise and will glean as much information from your reading as Universe wants you to have.”

~Tim O.  WA


“I found the tarot reading to be very helpful and interesting! I would definitely recommend it.”

~Derek M.